All dining options included with price of cabin

Seaday Brunch Steak and Egg Carnival Imaination Cruise Baja Bop


Forget what “they” say — the most important meal of the day is brunch. Slumberers can sleep in and still enjoy breakfast favorites, while early-risers get a head-start on lunch. And Seaday Brunch brings everybody’s favorite mid-morning meal to your Carnival cruise, and does it right. You’ll enjoy huevos rancheros, Steak and eggs, special french toast, loaded mac-n-cheese… and yes, more ways to cook eggs than we even thought was possible. Chow down and fuel up — you’ve got lots of exploring to do, across the ship, for the rest of the day.

Guy's Burger Joint Guy Fieri flavortown with Burgers, Onion rings, fries, chili


We went looking for someone to help us grill up the best burgers at sea, and we found just the guy. Carnival has teamed up with best-selling author, restaurateur and Food Network personality Guy Fieri to bring all the authentic appeal of a roadside burger shack to Guy’s Burger Joint, the cool poolside spot for hot burgers and hand-cut fries.Guy Fieri ushers you to Flavortown with a choice of burgers with cheese, onion rings or even chili. Choose your caloric threshold wisely and leave room for the seasoned fries. Veggie burgers are available upon request. Try a fresh-off-the-grill burger Guy’s way, or take it off-road to our toppings bar and truly make it your own.

Main Dining Room three course meals dessert fine dining shrimp prime rib duck


We bring to the table a full three courses in an experience that’s filling, but never stuffy — after all, you’re just as likely to catch waiters singing and dancing as you are to order dessert. Dessert’s included (along with the rest of your meal) in your fare. But don’t skip straight to dessert, because the main course is the main attraction — drop in daily and enjoy a rotating menu of delectable favorites like steak, roasted duck, scallops and prime rib. Options for dessert include vanilla creme brulee, melted chocolate hazelnut cake, chocolate melting cake, coffee cream cake, and fruit and cheese plates,

Lido Restaurant 24 hr daily salad bar mongolian wok casual dining nice variety


Featuring a nice variety of casual dining options like Mongolian Wok, Chef’s Choice, Salad Bar, Carnival Deli and more, the Lido Restaurant has something — or more likely, at least a few somethings — to satisfy your craving. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, plus food options for everyone, you can enjoy your personal favorites in company of family and friends for lunch or dinner… or even breakfast! It’s also where you can find our pizza, soft serve and frozen yogurt — all open 24 hours a day, which ought to be enough for anybody.

BlueIguana Cantina Mexian food poolside carnival cruise tacos burritos baja fresh


A poolside spot serving up tacos, burritos, arepas and huevos rancheros fits right in on a Baja California itinerary. BlueIguana Cantina features freshly made tacos and burritos stuffed specially for your enjoyment. All meals are made to order and once your Mexican dish is complete, you can top it off with a sizable salsa and toppings bar. Watermelon and the black bean-corn salsa make any order complete. Breakfast is also served here.  Make sure and enjoy a breakfast  burrito to start your day before enjoying all the Carnival Imagination line has to offer.


Pizza Pirate quality pizza calzones pepperoni margherita plus ceasar salads


Tossing dough is an age-old art passed down the generations. Lucky for you, someone passed us the secret to the perfect pie. While aboard, this is the place that will shiver your timbers and warm you to the bone, 24 hours a day, with a Margherita, Funghi, Prosciutto, Pepperoni,Veggie, or Quatttro Formaggi pizza served with a delicious Caesar salad. Savvy? Then it’s the pirates’ life for you! Pies are typically medium in size and you'll get half -- two big slices -- unless you ask for the whole thing. Calzones and gluten-free dough are available upon request.

24 hr room service goodeats in cozy stateroom contiental breakfst salads desserts coffee tea


So you're in the mood for some good eats, but you’d rather stay in your comfy, cozy stateroom?  Simply pick up the phone and order something from our tasty room service menu. And since you get hungry when you get hungry, room service is available any time of the day (or night) and delivered right to your door. Best of all the food's even included in your fare. A continental breakfast (cereal, yogurt, toast, eggs, coffee) is available any day except debarkation morning, and can be ordered ahead of time by hanging an order card on the door handle of your cabin by 5 a.m. The rest of the day, sandwiches -- tuna salad, turkey, BLT, PB & J, ham and cheese and a Reuben -- are available with a choice of potato salad, coleslaw, chips or pretzels. You can choose from white, whole wheat, rye or gluten-free bread. Garden or Caesar salad and a vegetable platter are also available. Cheesecake, chocolate cake and cookies are on the complimentary section of the room service menu.

Swirls self serve ice cream cones frozen yogurt chocolate vanilla strawberry


Got room for dessert? Sure you do! Swirls ice cream lets you enjoy the sweeter side of brain freeze with a treat that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear. Choose from chocolate, vanilla or strawberry… or make your own mix swirled as high as you can balance it. Open on Lido deck 24/7, our frozen yogurt and soft-serve ice cream is a great way to beat the heat all day, or the perfect nightcap after a long evening of fun.

Carnival Deli hot pastrami on rye, roasted turkey, potao salad, coleslaw, grilled reuben


Looking for a little taste from the old neighborhood? Pile 'em high at the Carnival Deli. Enjoy old time favorites like a hot pastrami on rye, grilled Reuben, or roasted turkey breast on a country roll. Our sandwiches and wraps are always hand-carved and served fresh with cole slaw or relish. Come by, satisfy your craving for a great sandwich and make sure you don’t forget the kosher dill.