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Wayne "The Train" Hancock   (TX)  2 Sets

Since his stunning debut, Thunderstorms and Neon Signs in 1995, Wayne 'The Train' Hancock has been the undisputed king of Juke Joint Swing--that alchemist's dream of honky-tonk, western swing, blues, Texas rockabilly and big band. When Wayne steps on stage, he owns it. Wayne's uncompromising interpretation of the music he loves is in fact what defines him: steeped in traditional but never "retro;" bare bones but bone shaking; hardcore but with a swing. Like the comfortable crackle of a Wurlitzer 45 jukebox, Wayne is the embodiment of genuine, house rocking, hillbilly boogie. Wayne makes music fit for any road house anywhere. With his unmistakable voice, The Train's reckless honky-tonk can move the dead.

  • "The only other guy who has more Hank Williams in him than me is Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock...Very few people can be real purists, but Wayne is a purist all the way."

    — Hank Williams III

  • One of the most shiver-inducing singers on the planet, who gets his nickname by virtue of the unstoppable power of his vocal chords, Hancock embodies the spirits of Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb and Bob Wills in his ferociously swinging honky-tonk—outlaw country to the max.                  — San Francisco Chronicle

Roddy Jackson (Original 1950s Specialty Records Recording Artist)

Roddy Jackson Specialty Records 1950s Rockablly

Roddy Jackson, "The Central Valley Fireball", is an American rockabilly and rock and roll singer, songwriter, pianist and saxophonist, who recorded for Specialty Records in the 1950s.

 With his gravel-filled vocals and piano-pounding antics, Roddy Jackson was sort of a West Coast version of Jerry Lee Lewis in the late '50s, and although his career never really took off into the stratosphere, his legacy is a solid one, and he is one of the last true rockabilly pioneers still out on the circuit. Roddy is still electrifying the stage on piano & tenor sax like a Rock 'n' Roll wild man.  If you have been to any Rockin' festival or weekender you will always here djs playing Roddy Jacksons classics, I've got my sights on someone new, Hiccups, and Moose on the loose. Roddy sounds just as great today as he did when he recorded those classics in the 50s and I'm sure you will be in awe of his on stage energy and performance

Pike Cavalero (SPAIN) Exclusive Set       1st US Appearance!!

pike 2.jpg

Pike Cavalero -musician and songwriter grown in the South-East of Spain- has managed to carve himself a niche in the rockin music scene offering a concept based on his powerful and real shows. Always accompanied by a distinctive sound and his very noticeable looks, he has succeeded to combine the essential factors in order to get in on some of the most important European and Spanish stages of the vintage rock’n’roll scene. Pike starts his course mid 2009, when he decides to join his passion for vintage sounds with his first steps in the writing, recording and production fields into a band, in which alongside veteran musicians -also from the Spanish South-East coast– achieves to obtain his most personal feel. They make their debut as Pike Cavalero & The Gentle Bandoleros in 2010 with the self-produced demo ‘Weekender’, released on December, 21st in digital and CD formats, achievement which obtains as result the support by one of the genre-oriented leader independents, Sleazy Records from Málaga, SP, which releases their first Long-Play ‘Just a Matter of Manners’.

Catch Pike make his first ever appearance for a US crowd and see why he is making waves in the European festival circuit. 

Bloodshot BILL (Montreal, QC Canada)

Wild Mad Man Bloodshot Bill from Canada on Norton Records

BLOODSHOT BILL started in his hometown of Montreal around 1998, with just a guitar and a stomp board. Since then, he's had over 30 releases throughout Europe and North America.  Touring constantly, he has collaborated with such acts as  THE's,  JON SPENCER,  KING KHAN,  beat poet CHARLES PLYMELL,  MARK SULTAN,  DEKE DICKERSON, and SHANNON SHAW. Plays well with others but is known mostly for his One Man Band act.  Artist JOE COLEMAN once called him "a cross between Jimmie Rodgers & Popeye", and director JOHN WATERS says he's "like Roy Orbison with a head wound". He's been in movies too, usually playing himself.  Has won FME's Coup De Coeur in 2007, and has more recently been a 3x-nominee for an AMERIPOLITAN award. 

The Unholy 4


Russell Scott

Russell Scott has been a staple in the roots/rockabilly scene since the 80s wowing crowds with his soulful voice. The lead man of Russell Scott and His Red Hots the three-piece rockabilly roots combo that blend rockabilly, swing, jump, blues and rock & roll into their own style. Russell started his first band at 15 years of age.  Influenced by singers: Elvis,Little Richard,Little Willie John,Ray Charles and Clyde Mc Phatter and songwriters:Hank Williams,Chuck Berry, 
Lieber and Stoller,Buddy Holly,Willie Nelson and too many others to name.  His first Paying show at a club was with Jamie James and the Kingbees at the Palomino in North Hollywood, California back in 1984. His first record was recorded in 1984 and released as a 45 in 1985. He wrote the music and lyrics to both songs. The tracks were "Gonna Rock n' Roll" and "If You Loved Me". The band was called the Rockn' Renegades. Catch the great Russell Scott at The Baja Bop.

Pachuco Jose


Pachuco Jose was born on September 17, 1967 in Chalatenango, El Salvador. At a very young age he was inspired by a music teacher to someday pursue music. At the age of 10 he received his first guitar that was made by a jail prisoner. Although he didn't learn to play his guitar until many years later, he still had a strong love for music and dancing.

In the late 70s, around the time Jose received his first guitar, El Salvador broke out in a civil war. When he was 12 years old, Jose’s mother and step-father decided to pay for him to be smuggled into the United States. As a 16 year old he joined a gang and started to experiment with drugs and alcohol. The gang consisted of 125 boys who loved the 1950s lifestyle. On the path of self destruction before he found GOD, Jose learned the Guitar and became a clothing designer of his own brand of classy Pachuco styles.  Jose performs early 40s Mexican rhythm and blues. Jose gets his style from the Pachucos of the 1940's and his music sounds are Old School Rock N' Roll.  Jose  has played our hearts out, from backyard parties,to clubs, weddings, bars, carnivals and even played at funerals and even a few jails. His purpose is to bring out a smiling face in  fans, and even some joy and a few laughs whether it be in the music or the dancing on stage.  

Abby Girl

In the three years since she hit the SoCal music scene, Abby Girl (a.k.a. Abby Maharaj) has thrilled listeners, landed an Ameripolitan nomination for Rockabilly Female 2019, and earned followers in the U.S. and overseas. She’s at ease singing with blues greats and belting out her original songs and rockabilly tunes. People most often comment on the rich, warm tone of her voice. Fans and music critics note how she evokes the greats like Patsy Cline, Wynona Carr and Lavern Baker. SDnews.com recently wrote that Abby Girl “is blessed with an impressive voice, which echoes Patsy Cline...a vintage sound that will also appeal to fans of early country music or rock’n’roll." She fronts her own 50s R’n’B band, Abby Girl & The Real Deal, and is known for her versatility because of frequent guest appearances with the most popular rockabilly, blues and R’n’B bands. Blues legend Junior Watson says her performances are “Pure fun!"

Josh Sorheim    (Wild Records Recording Artists)

Josh is a fantastic all around musician, exceptionally skilled guitarist, lap steel, and piano player.  With the added bonus of a superb voice.  Josh plays everything from 1950s Rock n Roll infused Rhythm & Blues to Western swing. Infusing classic vintage sounds with his own power and modern versatility as a musician. Josh and his band  recorded and released their first album in 2016. Josh has been winning fans over worldwide with his range of musical ability.  You are definitely in for a treat when you see Josh perform.  

Elvis Cantu   (Wild Records Recording Artists)

Elvis Cantú is a loud and proud Texan that plays a style of rockabilly firmly rooted in Texas musical Tradition. As one of the hottest acts on Wild Records he just released his first album 'Here I Come'. Now he's ready to conquer stages worldwide. 

Alex Ridio

Alex Ridio a native Californian, singer-songwriter, and international print model. She performs a broad spectrum of retro and Classic Country music. To characterize Alex's music is impossible, her passion for music has led her to meet amazing people from all over the world with her retro and romantic style.